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Chennai Beauty Academy 

Chennai Beauty Academy is an institution that specialises in providing students with quality education and individualised training in order to maintain the high standards required by the health and skincare industry. The Beauty Academy offers specialised services                              


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What you learn 

You will master the fundamentals like brow mapping and drawing realistic hair strokes to advanced techniques that make your work stand out from the competition. You'll finish the class ready to launch and grow your brow empire.

Amazing looks

Our top-rated course Chennai Beauty Academy will teach you everything you need to help your clients get a perfect pair of brows every time. You'll learn the secrets to match their face type to the right brow shape, size and, color to get that flawless look.

Ready to thrive

At Chennai Beauty Academy have helped hundreds of students launch and grow their own Permanent Makeup businesses. Now they can set their own schedule and make more money than ever before doing something exciting, fun, and rewarding

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